Policies & Procedures

In order to have your website launched within the timeframe discussed with your marketing representative, we will need to receive all of the information and materials needed to complete your site. We must receive this information and these materials in a timely manner, or you will risk deviating from the schedule and significantly delaying the launch of your site beyond the quoted timeframe. Please review the Website Process if you haven’t already. Understanding this document is vital to the project being completed in a timely manner. The estimates of time spent on your project in the Website Process document are based on our experience, and also assume the client remains on schedule.

Please observe the following policies and procedures:

  1. Deviating from the system that we have created and put into place based on years of experience will cause your project to lose its place on our production schedule and extend the timeframe for its completion.
  2. A lack of responsiveness to our phone calls and emails will cause your project to lose its place on our production schedule, delaying its progress and completion.
  3. Failure to provide us with the information and materials we need within the allotted time will cause your project to lose its place on our production schedule, delaying its progress and completion.
  4. Our production schedule is built based on the information we have received from each of our clients. We cannot predict when we might receive any given information from any given client. Due to the volume of clients we are working with, it can take multiple business days for your project to be put back into the production schedule. The longer you take to get us any requested information, the longer it will take to get you back into the schedule. There is only so much we can schedule for each week, and what we schedule is based on when we receive information needed to move forward to the next step on any given project.
  5. Any deadlines associated with your project (for example, advertisements you have scheduled to run, events you have coming up, important times of the year for your business, etc.) must be established before the project begins. We will not be able to clear out our schedule to get your project done if a previously unknown deadline is brought to our attention halfway through a project. To manipulate the schedule in this manner would be unfair to our other clients.
  6. If we have not heard from you for a period of thirty (30) days, you will lose your place on our schedule. There is no guarantee when we will be able to get your project back on schedule once this stage is reached.
  7. Throughout the course of the process, you will be asked for your approval on several aspects of your new website (the Navigation, the homepage design, the photos, the project site, etc.). Once approval is given on any aspect of the site, we will move forward immediately. Any changes you wish to make thereafter will be subject to additional charges.
  8. Each of our quotes are based on the total time the project is allotted. Going over your time budget will incur additional costs. Our number one priority is getting you your completed website without going over the budget. Due to this, extensive phone calls, excessive back and forth, and continual changes are to be avoided if at all possible. Time spent discussing your project is already budgeted.
  9. In an effort to be as efficient and as cost-effective as possible, our process is designed to be completed in stages. It is therefore of vital importance that any changes or edits you wish to make at the key points of the process be given to us all at once, so that they may all be done at the same time. This policy is designed to keep your costs down.
  10. If for any reason, your test site is built and not approved for launch for over a week you will be charged for hosting at a rate of $19.99/month from that point forward. We will use the credit card we have on file for this charge. Once the test site is built, we have to pay to have it hosted and cannot afford to pay for your test site’s hosting indefinitely.