Use Email Marketing to Stay in Touch With Past Clients, Cultivate Repeat Business, and Much More

The one thing all our past, present, and future clients all have in common is this…they check their email everyday. If used properly email marketing is a powerful and affordable tool that helps businesses in New England make more money with virtually no effort.

Every business knows that the best clients are the ones who keep coming back and spread the word about your services. When a past client needs services from someone in your field, you want your business to be the first that comes to mind. Along those same lines when a friend or neighbor asks if they know any skilled, reliable and trustworthy businesses, you want to be on the tip of their tongue.

Great emails can be used to promote special offers, seasonal services, and increase traffic to your site to improve your search engine results.

Emails are a cost effective way for any type of business to make more money off past and current clients, and find new ones as well.

There is always a place where you can reach all of your clients every day, and that is with an eye-catching message and well written email.


Use a Newsletter To Keep In Touch With Your Clients And Make More Money

A customized newsletter from Onpoint helps you keep in touch with your clients. You can reach out to your clients with promotions, special offers, and seasonal services, all while driving traffic to you website and dollars to your bank account.

The next time a past client needs services from someone in your field, you will be the first name that comes to mind. Same for when a friend calls a past client seeking a referral.

A newsletter is the perfect way for businesses in New England to spread the word, stay in touch and increase their revenues.


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