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Local woman launches website to help veterans

A Chester native has launched a campaign aimed at helping veterans start their own business and achieve financial freedom.

Nicole Van Eden is the president and founder of Onpoint Media and has launched USA Website Xpress, where veterans will market free websites to local businesses while benefiting monthly through the sale of web hosting. Onpoint Media, based in Beverly, Mass., is the parent company and, after a little bit of test marketing, Van Eden launched the venture about two months ago.

“Veterans are able to help local businesses, whether it’s someone they know or from a list we have for them to contact. They offer a free custom site and they bring in revenue through monthly hosting,” Van Eden said.

She said this is something they can do and not invest in.

Right now, she’s focusing on New Hampshire and Massachusetts veterans to get involved with her campaign, being that she’s local and can meet and go over the details with them to get the ball rolling.

So, by getting a percentage of the revenue once a month from hosting these sites, veterans don’t have to work a full 40 hour work week, she noted.
“They can do it at their own pace. It’s just to help,” Van Eden said.

She has family in New Hampshire and is trying to reach further into the state to get more Granite State veterans involved.
“There’s nothing they have to do to get started, other than just contacting me to meet and go over things,” Van Eden said.
She said, so far, the response has been great.

“So far, in the last two months, I’ve had seven veterans get involved in the campaign, all of whom are in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We’re just rolling things out as far as building up different businesses and what not for veterans. They’ve started to email, contact businesses and build that revenue up,” Van Eden said.

Van Eden comes from a family of veterans, including her father, who fought in the Vietnam War and her grandfather in World War II. Her cousin also did two tours in Afghanistan.

“I’ve seen first-hand the elements my dad has dealt with,” Van Eden said.

So, having seen what veterans go through once they return home, she aims to help them gain more financial freedom.
“This isn’t so much about me, although personally, it’s important for me to do this, it’s more to help the men and women who don’t have as many options as they should,” Van Eden said.

Article written by Adam Urquhart. He can be reached at 594-1206 or

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